Cash for Kids


Dear SEES Family,

 As the 2023-2024 school year takes off, the SEES Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) extends a warm welcome back to school.  We hope your year has begun on a positive note, and we eagerly anticipate exciting times ahead. To mark the beginning, August and September are dedicated to a critical initiative, the Cash for Kids Fundraising Drive.

 Cash for Kids fuels the SEES PTO's ongoing efforts, enriching our children's core education. It empowers our educators to deliver a more comprehensive curriculum in Science, Technology, Art, and PE, all while nurturing our dedicated teachers. We rely on our families' generosity and we’re asking for  your support now.

 SEES PTO extends nearly $200,000 in annual school support. While we host various fundraisers throughout the year, Cash for Kids stands as the most significant fundraising opportunity, with your donation going directly to the PTO.

Your generosity last year brought a wave of enhancements to SEES:

  • Full Color LED Marquee
  • New Office Copy Machines
  • Updated Teacher’s Lounge
  • First Ever Volleyball Net
  • New Soccer Goals
  • Grade Level Grants 

Our goal is to raise $55,000 by September 30, to fund this year’s programs:

  • NEW THIS YEAR: Full Time STEM Teacher
  • NEW THIS YEAR: Arts Attack Program
  • After School Clubs
  • Three Dedicated Instructional Aides
  • PE and Recess Equipment + Track Team Shirts
  • Garden Enhancements
  • “Eagle News” Program
  • Movie Night
  • Talent Show
  • Family Events
  • Teacher Appreciation Luncheons
  • Classroom and Library Supplies

These initiatives are crucial for our students' holistic growth, cultivating them into accomplished learners and future leaders. Your gracious donation secures an exceptional education for our children. Thank you for your generosity, propelling all our students to SOAR!

To donate:

  • Cash or Check: Fill the enclosed form, payable to SEES PTO, and drop it in the PTO Drop Box by the school office.
  • Stay updated on PTO matters by following us on our NEW Instagram account: @SanElijoElementaryPTO

    Warm regards,
    Jen Tozer
    Fundraising Co-Chair, SEES PTO